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Sojourner Phyllis
Thiago Mereilles
Laura Garau (Low)
The Sign Of Leo
Woody & Cat
Lotte Schuiling
Maaike Girardin
Boy On The Moon
Edwin Danks
Celeste Liberty
Luana Victoria

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Booking agency

Welcome to the website of BANG Booking Agency Next Gen/BANG Management. BANG is a booking -and management agency that works with artists and bands from different styles.

Artists BANG

We as BANG are very proud to work with such talented artists. The artists that BANG works with were chosen after a secure selection process, because we believe that they add something to the already large music industry. Be surprised by artists, bands and dj's from the styles Pop, Rock, Folk, Indie, Country, Jazz, Classic and Urban or a mix of these styles.

Book artists

With our wide variety of artists we make sure that you can always book an artist that will fit in perfect for your event ! We at BANG will do all we can to make your event a succes with our artist(s). Check our full roster for all the artists.

To book a dj

Besides the mentioned artists we also have the possibility to book professional dj's. We have several dj's on our roster. All with years of experience at all kinds of clubs and events.

In need of a producer

If you are looking for a producer to get more out of your track then just something that is easy-listening, or are you a dj who wants to work on your own tracks or are you looking for a producer for a different reason we can help you out!

Event organising

We can also help you to organise your event (partially) and to make your event a fantastic experience. We can help with a location, promoting, film production, photo shoot, webdesign, design, hospitality employees , make-up artist and much more.

Professional artist

To know as an artist or we would be able to work with you and we can do for you is also possible. Please contact us. We request a demo and social media links.

Contact us

For questions, possibilities or bookings you can contact us without obligation.


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